Popeyes Allergen Menu

Popeye is one of the best restaurants in the world, which never compromises its quality. Thus, their first branch opened in the 80s, and the name “Popeye’s” was named after the famous Popeye cartoons. Therefore, according to the rating, Popeye is one of the best restaurants and is also included in the top ten list.

Every Popeye’s branch gives a disclaimer regarding allergens. It states that ingredients have their nutritional value and contain milk in their chicken. However, before visiting any Popeye’s outlet, you should always consult a doctor.

Thus, their disclaimer suggests consulting a doctor before going to any Popeye’s branch. So, all the chicken items contain milk, so people allergic to gluten products can’t eat all the chicken products at Popeye’s.

However, some of the gluten-free products suitable for allergic people are

  1. Red beans and rice
  2. Cajun rice
  3. Jalapenos
  4. Coleslaw
  5. Fries

Red beans and rice:

Red beans and rice are a great source of protein and are also sold in vast amounts in the New Orleans branch of “Popeye’s.” However, these have a simple and easy recipe. Thus, the reason for their popularity in the state is that most of the people are rice consumers in New Orleans.

Thus, their rice is always fully cooked. The smoke stored inside your cooking utensil makes the taste of red beans unique. However, the overall feeling of the dish is excellent.

Cajun Rice:

 In the early times, Cajun rice was a slave dish. It was made from different organ meats and was also known as dirty rice. However, due to its dirty look, it is known as Cajun rice, and it serves as a typical dish for poor people because they can’t afford expensive meals. Thus, it is cheaper than the other dishes.

However, “Popeye’s” also have their recipe of Cajun rice. Its ingredients are different from the original ones but occupy the same dirty look. The unique component includes a Cajun meat sauce which enhances the taste of the rice.


Jalapeno is one of the best items at Popeye’s as it is gluten-free and also suitable for those people who are allergic to milk and dairy products. As milk is present in all the meat products, so they are not ideal for those people. Hence Jalapenos are gluten-free, so the customers can easily consume these.

However, while ordering the Jalapenos, always tell the staff about your allergy so that your order doesn’t get contaminated in any way.


Coleslaw at Popeye’s is famous because of a different recipe and unique taste. Thus it has a blend and is mixed with mayonnaise. So it is also gluten-free. Hence for allergic people, coleslaw serves as the best alternative.


It is a rare possibility that chips can be mixed with a little gluten if these are put alongside a chicken item. So, if a particular individual is allergic to gluten products, then he/she should always order fries by telling the staff about the allergy.

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