popeyes catering menu

Popeyes Catering Menu

Popeye’s is an American based fast-food restaurant. Initially, it launched in 1972 in Louisiana. Its name was “Chicken on the run.” However, with time, their distribution made significant progress. Now, Popeye’s has more than three hundred branches in American states and is available in more than thirty countries.

Other than being one of the best restaurants, it also offers some unique menus different than their typical lists. However, in this article, I’ll tell you about their catering menu.

Their catering menu comprises the following

  • Catering packages
  • Hot Entrees
  • Sides
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

Catering Packages:

While considering a catering menu for guests or family get together, you can always get cheap and quality deals at Popeye’s. However, their catering package has a total of four sales.

The first deal includes a hundred chicken pieces alongside forty biscuits. However, you can choose whether to keep the chicken spicy or mild. Thus it serves forty people.

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The second deal contains fifty chicken pieces and twenty biscuits. It can serve twenty people. Their third deal serves thirty people and comprises seventy-five chicken pieces and thirty cookies. The fourth deal includes thirty chicken pieces and twelve biscuits. It serves twelve people.

Hot Entrees:

This category has three deals. However, it helps you save money for higher orders.

Their first deal is the chicken sandwich deal, which has four servings. Their second deal is the chicken pieces deal having four meals. Their third deal is the chicken tenders deal, which can also serve four people.

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Popeye’s serves some of the best teams to eat with your meals. They have eleven items falling in the category.

The first deal is twenty servings of Mac and cheese balls. Their second deal is twenty servings of red beans and rice, and the third deal is again twenty servings of mashed potatoes with gravy. The fourth deal is of Cajun fries, which can provide fulfillment for twenty people.

The fifth deal is the coleslaw deal serving up to twenty people. The sixth deal is a lot of biscuits serving twelve people. Other deals include twenty servings of green beans, Cajun rice, corn on the cob, dipping sauces, and Jalapenos.


There is one deal for the category. Their deal is Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie deal. It can serve up to six people and costs two dollars and forty-nine cents.


In the beverages section, there is also one deal. It offers twenty servings of the Dasani water bottle, which can quickly fill the needs of about twenty to twenty-five people.

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