Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Menu

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen Menu

As most fast food lovers know that the Louisiana branch of Popeye’s is one of the oldest of all departments. It was the first branch of “Popeye’s” when “Popeye’s” used to go by the name of “Chicken on the run.” Thus, “Popeye’s” always receives more traffic in this branch.

However, out of all the branches, Popeye’s have a unique menu. Their menu has the following categories.

  • Limited time offers
  • Chicken sandwich
  • Chicken combos
  • Seafood combos
  • Chicken dinners
  • Family meals
  • Signature sides
  • Desserts

Limited-Time Offers:

Louisiana branch of Popeye’s has three limited-time offers. Their first offer is a buttermilk biscuit with a choice of a regular side and a drink. Thus, customers can save a lot of money by availing of this deal.

The other two offers are a red velvet cupcake and a simple buttermilk biscuit with a signature side and drink

Thus, these offers are very economical concerning other offers.

Chicken sandwiches:

Two deals fall into the chicken sandwiches category. These two deals are spicy chicken sandwich combo and classic sandwich combo. Both of the deals include the choice of a regular side as well as a drink or beverage.

Chicken Combos:

 Three deals fall into the category. Thus, the first and second deal is a hand-crafted five-piece and a three-piece tender combo with a signature side, biscuit, and a drink.

Thus, the last deal is a three-piece chicken combo with a regular signature side, a biscuit, and a drink.

Seafood Combos:

There is only one deal in this category. It includes a quarter-pound popcorn shrimp with a regular side, a biscuit as well as a beverage.

Family Meals:

In this category, eight meals can quickly fulfill the demands of the customers with their families.

The first four meals have eight, twenty, sixteen, and twelve pieces of mixed chicken with a broad signature side, and buttermilk biscuits half the number of pieces.

Thus, the other four meals include eight, twenty, sixteen, and twelve pieces of hand-crafted tenders with large signature sides and buttermilk cookies with sauces.

Signature Sides:

Concerning the signature sides, eight items fall in the category. These items are Red beans and rice, Biscuits, Green beans, Coleslaw, Cajun rice, and Cajun fries.

Desserts menu:

In this category, there is only one item. This item is Cinnamon Apple pie. It is famous in all the branches of America.

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