Popeyes Menu Calories

Popeyes Menu Calories

Popeye is a large fast-food chain of all time. It has a lot of items on its menu. These items include fast foods, sides, desserts, beverages, etc. However, their meals are healthy due to the use of fresh ingredients. Yet, their kitchen also has all the conditions necessary for healthy snacks.

This article shows all the information about nutritional values regarding the calories of some menu items.

Chicken items:

When comparing the chicken items, chicken breast has the most calorie count up to two hundred and eighty. All the other chicken items on the menu, including sandwiches, pieces, legs, etc. have fewer calories than chicken breast.

Chicken breast also has a higher cholesterol level than other items up to one hundred and twenty-five milligrams and even sixteen grams of carbs.

Tender items:

There are a lot of tenders on Popeye’s menu. These items include mild tenders, spicy tenders, voodoo tenders, or handcrafted tenders. Out of all these items, handcrafted bids have the most calorie count, which is seven hundred and fifty calories for five pieces.

Seafood items:

Seafood items on Popeye’s menu are seasonal. So, these aren’t available throughout the year, but the majority of customers demand them. Thus, they produce one of the best seafood platters than other restaurants. However, it is better to make them compulsory menu items for all.

Concerning the nutritional values, two-piece catfish fillet has the most calories having four hundred and sixty calories. But it doesn’t have a higher cholesterol level. Popcorn shrimp has a higher cholesterol level of about eighty-five milligrams.

Sandwiches and wraps items:

Sandwiches and wraps are one of the best things at Popeye’s. However, in this category, there are three items, which include a spicy and classic chicken sandwich and loaded chicken wrap.

While comparing their nutritional values, spicy chicken sandwiches have the most calorie count of about seven hundred in number. It also has a higher cholesterol level of about eighty-eight milligrams.

Signature sides items:

Signature classic sides are the best side dishes while placing your order of a particular meal. However, mashed potatoes with gravy, red beans, Cajun rice, Cajun fries, etc. fall in the category. Every item has a special ingredient.

After comparing their nutritional values regarding their calories, Cajun fries have the most calories.

Signature dipping sauces:

Signature dipping sauces are best to use with your signature side. Thus, each sauce at Popeye’s is made using its special ingredient. Therefore, if nutritional values are compared, buttermilk sauce has the most calories, which are one hundred and fifty in number. Therefore, these sauces make the meal extra delightful.

Desserts items:

Popeye’s menu shows that there are a total of five desserts. If their nutritional values are compared, then Edward sliced pecan pie has the most calorie count. It also has twenty-one grams of fat and containing the highest cholesterol level among all of them. The cholesterol level is seventy milligrams.

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