Popeyes Menu Special

Popeyes Menu Special

Popeye’s is one of the high fast food distributions which is not only known for its taste but also has a wide variety of deserts, thus having reasonable prices. However, it has many exclusive deals in every category.

However, I’ll detail you about all the exclusive deals in every category.

Popeye’s special chicken menu:

However, before knowing about the prices, you should always remember that a “Popeye’s” dinner includes a regular side as well as a biscuit. Also that a “Popeye’s” combo consists of a proper party, a cookie, and even a small beverage.

Referring to the prices, three pieces of special chicken dinner doesn’t cost more than seven dollars. Special chicken combo cost nine dollars and nineteen cents. Ten parts of mixed chicken meal comprising four biscuits and four high sides costs twenty-two dollars

Popeye’s special tender menu:

“Popeye’s” tenders are also famous as these are crispier than typical bids. One more important thing is that Popeye’s staff never compromises on their quality alongside fewer prices.

A large dinner meal of chicken tenders costs seven dollars and seventy-nine cents, and a large combo meal of chicken tenders cost nine dollars and twenty-nine cents. From the perspective of the special meals, spice box chicken dinner costs about four dollars, and spice box chicken combo costs five dollars and forty-nine cents.

However, it should also be known that dinner meals have a regular side, along with a biscuit. And combo meals have a proper team, a cookie as well as a beverage.

Popeye’s special seafood menu:

Popeye’s special seafood menu is famous among majority seafood branches. However, it is unfortunate as it is seasonal and not available all through the year. Thus, dinner meals have a complimentary regular side and a biscuit, whereas combos have a proper team, cookies, and a small drink.

Cajun fish and popcorn shrimp combos and dinner both have the same price. Their dinner cost is five dollars and ninety-nine cents, and the combo price is seven dollars and forty-nine cents. Buttermilk biscuit butterfly shrimp is a unique item that doesn’t cost more than five dollars.

Popeye’s special family menu:

With reference to the primary specialty, family menu fulfills the needs of the majority of the families as their exclusive deals are also relatively cheap. However, before looking at the prices, you should know that there are three special family meals.

The first special family meal has a broadside and four biscuits which costs seventeen dollars. There is another family meal suitable for a medium-sized family. It doesn’t cost more than nineteen dollars and has two large sides and six biscuits. The third meal costs thirty-seven dollars and includes three large teams and eight cookies.

Popeye’s unique desserts menu:

Popeye’s is known for its desserts as these are delightful and are also people’s favorite. However, it offers two unique desserts.

Their first dessert is hot Cinnamon Apple pie, which doesn’t cost more than one dollar and thirty-nine cents. Thus, the price is low and is easily affordable. The second dessert is Spiced pumpkin and cream cheese pie, which is also delicious and costs one dollar and twenty-nine cents.

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