Popeyes Menu With Prices

Popeyes Menu With Prices

Popeye’s, classified as one of the best restaurants in the world. Its first branch opened in the 80s and had the majority of the positive feedback and lesser negative suggestions.

If we compare the prices of the menu items with other restaurants, then it is very reasonable. Hence without compromise of any quality and have a lesser amount makes it unique for the customers.

You can also get menu items delivered at your doorstep if you can’t visit the franchise or during the working hours. Thus, they also offer free delivery, thereby having a quick delivery service.

Below, the prices of some items on the menu are given.

Spicy and mild tenders prices:

Tenders are favorite for the majority of the customers who love fast food. However, spicy tenders are ideal for majority customers as compared to usual bids. Thus, mild bids are suitable for those people who don’t like tasty food.

Three pieces of tender combo cost seven dollars. “Chicken Po’ Boy” dinner and combo costs five dollars and six dollars, forty-nine cents. Tenders dinner costs seven dollars and seventy-nine cents. Five pieces of tender combo cost nine dollars and twenty-nine cents.

Signature sides and chicken sandwich prices:

Signature sides are a great item as these are different than other things and are thoroughly marinated for about twelve hours. However, these also have less cost as compared to other deals. Chicken sandwich, on the other hand, is also people’s choice and has excellent taste.

When we talk about the prices of signature sides, large-sized Cajun fries and gravy filled mashed potatoes cost three dollars and ninety-nine cents. Coleslaw also has approximately the same amount, not more than four dollars.

Green beans cost one dollar and seventy-nine cents. Twelve pieces of biscuits cost seven dollars. 1 piece Jalapeno cost forty-nine cents. Red beans and rice cost four dollars.

Chicken sandwich costs are also reasonable. However, the chicken sandwich combo deal costs six dollars and seventy-nine cents. On the other hand, chicken dinner deal doesn’t cost more than five dollars and twenty-nine cents.

Red and green beans with rice prices:

If fast food of the renowned franchise is neglected for a moment, then we can say that red beans with rice and green beans of Popeye’s are very popular alongside fast food. Thus these are loved by many people.

Red beans with rice have a delightful taste and are best serves with the special Cajun sauce. However, its price is not more than four dollars. When we refer to green beans, then these are also cheap and don’t cost more than three dollars.

 Kid’s meals prices:

 One thing is common in kid’s meals that contain regular fries and drink, and sometimes there is also an availability of a small toy for children.

 If I refer to their items, mild tenders cost three dollars and thirty-nine cents. Soft legs and nuggets both cost three dollars and thirty-nine cents. All these deals are regular deals, thus including both regular fries and drinks. 

Popeye’s desserts menu:

Popeye’s have two desserts. These are apple pie and banana pudding. Apple pie costs one dollar and twenty-nine cents. Banana pudding parfait costs one dollar and sixty-nine cents.

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